The Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev participated in a Round Table “Balkans”. It has been organised by the Institute of Politics and is held today in Strumica, Republic of Macedonia. Zaev delivered a lecture on “Neighbourhood and Common Horizons”.

“The Treaty of Good Neighbourhood is a serious example of leadership. There was serious criticism and debates in Bulgaria. However, there was perhaps even more criticism in Macedonia. But me and your Prime Minister, believe that it will bring hundreds times more prospects for the two peoples than any losses. Time will tell if we lose something, “the Macedonian Prime Minister said.

Zoran Zaev said the Treaty of Good Neighbourhood will be ratified by the end of the year. The talks between the two countries will continue next week in Strumica on 23rd November. The governments of Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria will discuss topics of “mutual interest” and “good neighbourhood relations”. “On the 23rd November we will sign 10 new contracts. They all have benefits for both peoples and are in the sphere of education, tourism, business, culture, etc. “, he added.

According to the Macedonian Prime Minister, it is very important that Bulgaria assists in the process of integration of Macedonia into the EU and NATO. He has also urged everyone to work together for a higher standard of living in the Balkans.

With regard to the historical issues, Zaev asked for all disagreements and divisions to be discontinued. “It is very important that future generations shake off the prejudices of the past. Let us leave the historians argue and prove. A life we have and it depends on us how we live it, “he said.

Zoran Zaev also commented on the current political processes in Bulgaria. “I am a friend of Bulgaria, our people are a friend of the Bulgarian people. We the politicians, very often do not see that because we are focused on problematic situations from everyday life. An example is the current political situation in your country and this is what happened in parliament. It has happened now, but in three days or two months it will be forgotten. It is very important to see the prospects. Power has the greatest responsibility, but the opposition has the responsibility to be constructive and critical when it is needed.”

The Round Table ‘Balkans’ has been held today in Strumica, Macedonia. In the event there have also participated Kosta Yanevski, Mayor of Strumica; Monika Panayotova, Deputy Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council 2018 and Boyan Maricic, Zoran Zaev’s advisor on European Affairs.