“YOUTH PASSION- Partnership for Sharing, Social Inclusion and Organizational Networking”
Project № 2019- 3- BG01-KA205-077781

Partnership for Active Sharing, Social Inclusion and Organizational Networking- YOUTH PASSION is a project that aims to strengthen and develop communication and connections between young people from Bulgaria and North Macedonia. It is co-funded by Erasmus+. The project coordinator is the Institute of Politics(Bulgaria) and its partner is OHRID Institute (North Macedonia)
YOUTH PASSION will bring the EU closer to young people in the Balkans and young people in the Balkans closer to the idea of ​​a united Europe. The project will develop the skills needed for the professional development and advancement of participants and will improve their positions and enhance their skills in the labor market.
This project will be very useful for young people from both Balkan countries, especially in terms of cultural exchange and youth mobility.
The program and its activities will build a cross-border partnership between young people, opening up horizons for future development and cooperation between participants. The exchange of values ​​and good practices will provoke participants to become a bridge between the cultures of both countries.
The project is based on the social participation of young people in the Balkans, promotes ethnic diversity, shared values ​​of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights, enhances the critical thinking and media literacy of participants, strengthens their initiative in the social sphere.

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