The second class for Political Leadership at the Institute of Politics has followed the tradition and has chosen its name and patron as well. After long debates, the course participants, who are representatives of the major political parties in our country, selected the name of Konstantin Preslavsky.

Among the other proposals there were names related to the forthcoming European Presidency, but ultimately prevailed the thesis that tradition is achieved with continuity and consistency. The first class of the Institute of Politics chose Paisii Hilendarski for its own name. Thus the patriotic thread has overcome the rest of the proposals and suggestions.

Representatives of GERB and BSP once again showed their desire to go out of the box, whereas they did not trust again on the traditional “big” – Levski, Botev or Vazov. Relying on the good historical memory and creativity, the 30 representatives of the ruling party and the opposition have already started the core of their training.

Images of ‘Konstantin Preslavski’class , see here.