‘Simeon the Great’ class have graduated the training course program. The students have received their certificates at an official ceremony. The guests of the event were Acad. Julian Revalski, Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Prime Minister.

Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, Chair of the Management Board of the Institute of Politics, thanked for the efforts made by the lecturers and participants in the Program for Political Leaders. She noted that they had gone through all sectoral policies, enriching common culture, communicative skills and, of course, political psychology.

“The name of Simeon the Great is a symbol of self-confidence, faith, strength and high goals. It is a projection of the personality of each one of you, “she said. Prof. Hristova reminded the achievements of the Bulgarian ruler and the majesty of the First Bulgarian Empire. She called the future leaders to try to lead Bulgaria forward to new heights.

Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev also gave invaluable advice and guidance to the future political leaders. He noted that it is impossible for someone to be only an expert or just a manager in politics. “Making a political decision is not like making an expert decision. The expert makes a decision to the current situation but the politician has to focus on long-term policies, he must feel the mood and sensitivity of people before they have become a wave. It is all art, science and practice in one. The ability to think complexly is extremely important. It is strange to learn leadership, but at the same time there is no way if you do not learn. There is much talk about how we need qualified staff – good engineers or accountants, but we rarely mention that we need leaders. People who are able to lead the others and make them believe that they are heading in the right direction, “he said.

Kalina Krumova, The Executive Director of the Institute of Politics focused on the consistency in politics but noted that first of all humanity remains.

“I am very glad to have the honour today to award Certificate Number 100 at the Institute of Politics. More than a hundred active politicians from the executive and local governments have gone through our training, “she added.

Certificate number 100 was given to Nevena Petkova, district governor of Gabrovo.

As a sign of gratitude for the graduation of the training course, the students from ‘Simeon the Great’ class have given the team of the Institute of Politics plaques with the image of the Bulgarian Tsar.

The Political Leaders Program consists of 5 sessions, each with a duration of one week. The lecturers speak about communication management and political marketing, resolving crisis and conflicts, negotiations, political leadership and its specificities in various democratic systems, state organisation, the work of the European Institutions, the current development of sectoral policies. The total program is 320 hours, including lectures, seminars, individual assignments and role-playing games.