Paisii Hilendarski class have graduated their political leadership training. They are the first students at the Institute of Politics. At an official ceremony each of them has received their certificate. A total of 27 representatives of GERB and BSP took part in the first ever educational course in Bulgaria. It includes regional mayors, municipal councillors and local party leaders.

Official guests of the event were Academician Julian Revalski, Chairman of BAS; Petar Nikolov, Deputy Minister of Education; Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of PP GERB and Chairperson of the GERB PG and Denitsa Zlateva; Deputy Chairperson of BSP.

During the ceremony, Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, Chair of the Institute of Politics and the Management Board, said she was extremely happy that something which had started as a dream is already a reality. “A sustainable modern political system requires politicians to speak to each other, to be nationally responsible and to have non-partisan principles,” she added.

“Paisii Hilendarski” class has studied various lectures, including all sectoral policies, basic information for common culture and general knowledge, political psychology, political science, etc. Prof. Hristova expressed hope that, after all, they would be able to assess the effects of the tasteless and talkative political discourse and speech.

Academician Julian Revalski, Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, gave several tips to the students from the Paisii Hilendarski class, but the main one reads: “When you make a decision, think about Bulgaria first and hence about everything else.” He stated that they support the Institute of Politics, because it is important for BAS to keep in touch with and relations with the politicians. “High level research is very important to society, because we support the high level of education, health, security, etc. That is why we want to be part of the expertise of the political elite and for the good of our country” Acad. Revalski added.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Petar Nikolov warned the graduates of the training course that politics is ungrateful job. “You will make a lot of sacrifices, you will lose friends climbing up the ladder, but that is inevitable. Why does it make sense to deal with politics then? Because there is nothing more beautiful and more valuable than to sacrifice for society. Politics is a sacrifice. Sacrifice of time, of soul, of personal life, “said Nikolov.


The Parliamentary Speaker of GERB, Tsvetan Tsvetanov said that it is extremely important to bring together GERB and BSP people. “We must make sure that there is normality in politics and in the relations between us. Be friends first and save the human relations because we do not know in what way and how our paths will cross again in life ” Tsvetanov said.


A similar opinion was also shared by the Deputy Chairperson of BSP Denitsa Zlateva. “One of the most valuable things at such trainings is creating contacts and networking. There are topics where national consensus must be sought. The Bulgarian EU Presidency is such a topic, “she added. Zlateva ended with a quote by Nelson Mandela: “When you climb the top of the mountain, you only discover how many peaks there are to climb.”


The Executive Director of the Institute of Politics, Kalina Krumova has advised ‘Paisii Hilendarski’ class to never forget where they started from, where they are going to and who they are going with.

At the moment, the second class of students is being trained at the Institute of Politics which is called “Konstantin Preslavski”. In March, a third class is also expected.