The second political leaders class of the Institute of Politics finished their training successfully. The participants from “Konstantin Preslavski” have received their certificates at an official ceremony.

Guests of the event were Academician Julian Revalski, Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Science; Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Valchev; Minister of the Bulgarian Euro-Presidency Lilyana Pavlova, Deputy Chairman of the National Council of BSP Kiril Dobrev and lecturers.

According to Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, a co-founder of the Institute of Politics and a Chairman of the Management Board, the political education can contribute to the sustainability of the political system. “The political system needs trained and responsible politicians,” she added.

The Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev received a special gift – an icon of Virgin Mary from the Institute of Politics for his birthday, which occurred at the same time with the official ceremony. In his speech, he said that people want effective, reactive, responsive, socially sensitive and problem-solving politicians. “I believe that in the next years the positive energy will be bigger and more people will wish to succeed in the country,” he concluded.

Academician Julian Revalski addressed the future political leaders, saying that we all depend on them and on their decisions that will be made on the way they will lead Bulgaria. “I hope you take a look at this opportunity with the most responsibility,” he said.

According to Lilyana Pavlova, Minister of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU, Bulgaria needs a training model like the one at the Institute of Politics. “We should not be split up, but be united,” she said. The second class of the Institute of Politics participants are from the staff of the two largest political forces in our country – GERB and BSP. “We have to work with our opponent. He is not an enemy, but an opponent. You have to be together for the sake of the national interest. If we do not have stable left and steady right, we will not be able to go forward, “added Minister Pavlova.

The Deputy Chairman of the National Council of BSP, Kiril Dobrev, compared the participants with two teams that sometimes lose and sometimes win, but both have their own advantages. “In opposition, you build up a character, and in a government you learn responsibility. Victory has its own price. Big price. Do not abandon your principles and your individuality. Be expensive, very expensive. You must require from the party leaders only what responds to your principles, “he added. “You have to change politics, not the politics to change you,” advised Kiril Dobrev at the end.

The Executive Director of the Institute of Politics Kalina Krumova wished the students to go beyond their limits. “I wish you to find this kind of job that helps you develop yourselves together and lead you to ever-higher stands,” she said.

We are proud to announce that, on the occasion of its graduation, “Konstantin Preslavski” class has decided to make a special donation. The funds collected from the prize pool for proactivity and consistency during the training will be given to finance the treatment of little Misho and mothers of disabled children.

The Political Leaders’ Program consists of 5 sessions, each with a duration of one week. The speakers talk about managing communication and political marketing, resolving crises and conflicts, negotiating, political leadership and its specificities in the various democratic systems, state planning, the work of the European institutions, the current development of sectoral policies. The total program is 320 hours, including lectures, workshops, personal assignments and role-playing games.