“Alexander Malinov” class has set up a new tradition at the Institute of Politics. Thus, to the name of the class they added “Knowledge is the power”.

We also enclose their argument written by Ivaylo Mihailov Ivanov.

“Knowledge is the power”

Thanks to the desire for consensus by all trainees during the first evening, it has become a fact for the first time to add a motto to the name of the class. This proposal proved successful and was made by our colleague Vasil Tsvetkov. We agreed to choose an expression that would satisfy all trainees by the end of the first week of the training course. The choice was made by open vote on the submitted proposals based on the most votes cast.

Since ancient times, people have found out how important and valuable knowledge is, because they have survived successfully using it. Those who acquire and accumulate knowledge improve their self-development and also feel content for we all need training and learning new things useful for us.

Craftsmen practising different professions have specific knowledge, thereby everyone can be beneficial and helpful to others. It is important to note that this holds true in full force for the political sphere. Our class is on a training course for political leaders precisely for this reason i.e. to acquire knowledge that will help us to deal more effectively with the activity we do. The assigned responsibility implies full understanding and clarity of our actions and words and it is only a politician with solid knowledge in a variety of fields who is capable of. Nowadays, technologies provide us with a lot of different information requiring accurate and precise analysis to extract the valuable and useful things. It is very important for the political leader to know how to communicate with people to succeed in attracting them follow his cause, to unite them around a common goal and to motivate them to achieve it.