“Systemic parties must attend such training. A similar format is the best one for the main parties to be able to work in a way that society can be satisfied. With reference to the upcoming elections next year it is important to preserve the non-offensive speaking and the civilized campaigning.” said Tsvetan Tsvetanov the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of GERB and a Deputy Chairman of the party. He has delivered a Leaders Lecture to the Pencho Slaveikov class course participants during the last module of their training at the Institute of Politics.

“Policy-making means that you have to have a partner you can rely on. We ourselves do not have to cross the border without being able to talk to each other after the elections,” said Tsvetanov.

” We have differences in the coalition even now. But when you have a coalition agreement and a governing program, you have to be consistent with and responsible to them,” said the Deputy Chairman of the ruling party.

According to him, PP GERB managed to build up its structures when it was in opposition. “A party that pretends to be a representative one but can not fill in the list of municipal councillors does not meet the claims it gives.”

“We have to take into consideration only the moods of the people and change their attitude towards the politicians,” added the chairman of GERB PG.

Tsvetan Tsvetanov did not miss to mention the importance of the youth organizations. According to him, reasonable solutions can be imposed and sharp confrontations be avoided.

“We only lose using such an approach of hatred. We must reduce aggression in society, ” concluded Tsvetanov.

He also advised the course participants at the Institute of Politics, that they can be very beneficial namely in politics if they are really ready to give everything and do their best.