The Third Class of the ‘Political Leadership Training’ Program selected Pencho Slaveykov as its patron. The official opening ceremony and the first lectures and practical course took place in Tryavna which is the poet’s birthplace.

However, after an interesting and quite an emotional debate where there was not any lack of alternatives they came to an agreement and their choice. The major ‘rival’ in the race was the other symbol of Tryavna i.e. Angel Kanchev. The debates gave way to the first political sparks among the participants and a request for colourful representation and character strength. It was a group task for the participants to make a presentation about their patron on the first morning of the training course.

The program is divided into 5 sessions, each with a duration of 1 week. Lectures include building up and improving communication and presentation skills, broadening the political and sectoral knowledge, crisis and conflict resolution, negotiating, political leadership and its specificities in various democratic systems, state organization, the work of the European Institutions, and a number of other useful training.

The first two classes at the Institute of Politics have chosen their names: Paisii Hilendarski and Konstantin Preslavski.