On Sunday, a third class of the Political Leadership Training Program was launched. The official opening ceremony and the first lectures and practical part will be held in Tryavna. Pencho Slaveikov’s birthplace will host the first general steps of 30 politicians: 15 members from the ruling party and 15 from the opposition party. They will work together to upgrade and improve their communication and presentation skills, for expanding political and sectoral knowledge, resolving crises and conflicts, negotiating, political leadership and its specificities in the various democratic systems, state planning, the work of the European institutions as well as a number of other useful trainings.

The program is divided into 5 sessions, each with a duration of one week. The lecturers at the Institute of Politics are proven professionals in their fields.

Traditionally, one of the first tasks of the participants will be to think of the name of their class. The previous two teams selected Paisii Hilendarski and Konstantin Preslavski as their patrons. The first students at the Institute of Politics completed their training in January 2018.