Programme for political leaders

The program is aimed at providing trainees with the knowledge and skills necessary for every effective and professional politician. Through this program we provide extended knowledge of managing communication and marketing processes of political campaigns, conflict resolution techniques, negotiation strategies, political leadership and its distinct forms in various democratic systems, forms of government and political systems, the ways EU institutions function as well as the latest developments in sectoral policies.

The training is based on modularly organized disciplines critical to developing successful leadership and its application in political and managerial processes.

Their combination in each of the educational sessions, led by distinguished lecturers from the academic and scientific community, prominent business professionals and NGO members, adds not only prestige and expertise to the program, but also truly memorable dynamics and diversified and profound knowledge.

The training is organized in five training sessions with a month break between them. Each of the sessions lasts seven days (from Sunday to Sunday). The total duration of the course is 300 study hours which include not only lectures and seminars but also personal assignments and role-play.

All classes start at 9.30 am and finish at 7.00 pm every day. There is a lunch break and two coffee breaks between the classes – one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

Upon completion of each training session the Managing Body of the Institute of Politics gives the political parties a report on performance assessment, presence/ absence rate, individual and group performance of their members who have taken part in the program.