The President of CCCWIAP Plamen Georgiev delivered a lecture to “Pencho Slaveykov” class. The main topic was combating corruption. According to him, if there is transparency, there is an opportunity for public control. “There must be clear and strict rules to regulate any situation. The more opaque the procedures are, it is more likely to have corruption. “He gave an example of the investigation of Desislava Ivancheva, the Mayor of Mladost, which was the first case of the commission. “A building construction is stopped. All permits and documents have been received, but the law says the Mayor of the municipality should notify the neighbors that a construction is being started. Something that seems not so important, but the mayor does not do it. Thus a negligible action stops a whole process. If there were clearly set norms as a deadline for the implementation of such a procedure, then the corruption would be overcome,” said Georgiev. According to him, there are indicators that help to estimate to what extent there are conditions for corruption. “The presence of closed groups of people “our people”, especially at large-scale institutions, also favors the corruption,” added Georgiev. He explained that this is also one of the essential indicators for it.

Weak justice is undoubtedly among the leading ones. A functioning judicial system would fix all these defects, or at least the more serious ones. It is exclusively essential to have a good and independent justice system. This would regulate all the other social relationships. “Unfortunately, the citizens in Bulgaria do not trust this system,” said the president of CCCWIAP.

According to Plamen Georgiev the freedom of speech and the news media are also a top indicator of the level of corruption.

However, these are not the only reasons for corruption in Bulgaria. “The lack of morality and a good economic situation are not a prerequisite for justifying the corruption. Even if you get a salary of 10,000 BGN, and if you are susceptible to corruption, you will probably still get a bribe, but considerably a larger one. Therefore, I consider that we have to change our way of thinking first, otherwise the amount of the salary is not a guarantee, ” said Georgiev. In his words, the corruption in the private sector is also no less dangerous and harmful than the corruption in the institutions. Those who misuse have one basic concept: how to make more money, regardless of the public norms and relationships. Georgiev says that there is an opinion, that corruption is cheaper for the private sector than to pay for all the procedures. “In case, if you pay someone at the institution, it will come out cheaper than paying all the necessary fees and regulations. Thus, maybe at the beginning first, but it turns out that when a businessman succumbs to corruption, officials start setting more and more requirements and obstacles. They have more new ideas on how to make the procedure complicated in order to be able to take more money. Therefore, sooner or later, the business starts to suffer. They are just those officials who are interested in taking unauthorized payments illegally that have a very rich fantasy and are able to fabricate a lot of reasons to get that money,” Georgiev added. The CCCWIAP president summarized that the state has taken positive steps to increase the confidence that Bulgaria is taking measures to combat corruption.