The fifth class of graduates of the “Training of Political Leaders” program have chosen for its name Aleksandar Malinov. Traditionally, the decision was made by a consensus of all participants. For their first module of training they gathered in Plovdiv the European Capital of Culture.

Alexander Malinov has exceptional merits in our political history. The most significant one is the Bulgarian Declaration of the Independence. By this act on September 22, 1908, we became an equal European state. He is the leader of the Democratic Party and is a Prime Minister of Bulgaria in the 30th, 31st, 36th, 37th and 46th Governments. Malinov is the Chairman of the XXIII Ordinary National Assembly of Bulgaria (1931-1934).

The goal of the “Political Leadership Training” program is to deliver knowledge and skills that will help policymakers become effective and competent leaders of change. It consists of five sessions, each of which lasts one week. The subjects in the program are combined in separate educational modules under the guidance of authoritative academic lecturers and practitioners, business professionals and lecturers from the non-governmental sector.

The first four classes at the Institute of Politics have chosen for their names as follows: Paisii Hilendarski, Konstantin Preslavski, Pencho Slaveykov and Simeon the Great.