The Mayor of Rakovski has officially given the start of the fifth class of graduates from the political leadership program of the Institute of Politics.

“I think that the most important thing one could put into whatever position one occupies is dedication.” Pavel Gudzherov addressed the new leaders.

At a symbolic ceremony at the Balabanov House in the Old Town of Plovdiv, he let the fifth class of graduates begin the leadership program of the Institute of Politics, R-news reported.

“I started work in Rakovski Municipality with a salary of about BGN 334 which was equally insufficient and humiliating at that moment. It is the devotion to my job that has helped me reach my purposes and be here in front of you. If one does his best, no matter what position he occupies and what kind of job he does, he will surely become good at it and will certainly be rewarded. Dedication is the thing that distinguishes us from everyone else. This is equally valid for each profession or position. I will illustrate it with my personal experience when I was a Member of the Parliament. This is one of the most interesting positions one can occupy. Whether you work hard or do not work hard the remuneration is the same. If you put much effort into what you do, whether you take the time to read the legislative bills, to look for opinions, to talk with experts and search for the other point of view, or just sit and vote and attend the parliamentary buffet, the result at first sight looks the same. But, there is always someone to notice you in such a situation. Particularly in our party structure of PP GERB this is noticeable and very highly appreciated,” shared with the attendees the Mayor of Rakovski and a former MP Pavel Gudzherov.

He aroused the participants’ interest by guiding them along the way of the expertise, management and the political leadership, with good argumentation from his personal experience, on his professional and political road.

” You have to have self-confidence, but it always should be defended! When you are on the right way, when you have the expertise, then have the self-confidence to show and claim it. You must remember that the borderline between arrogance and self-confidence is very thin and try to never break it. The fact that you have the self-confidence that you are experts, that you conduct public procurement and you are coryphaei and leading figures in your sphere does not mean that you have to ignore the gardener, the cleaner, the janitor. Because the people who walk next to you and go with you will judge you according to your attitude to the other people. When you have the expertise, have confidence, when you do not have the expertise, try to get it, but never hesitate to ask questions. There are always people who are better or more knowledgeable than you, but it is a good idea to use their ideas and ask for their opinion. Try to be open to good ideas! Being a mayor or a manager does not mean that the best idea will always be yours, ” he added.

In conclusion, in his lecture to the young politicians, Pavel Gudzherov gave specific examples of his work as a mayor for the successful teamwork and emphasized its importance.

“The team consolidates all key factors for being a successful leader. It is the team in capital letters who is the only one that distinguishes the successful leader from the unsuccessful one. Well, the “hard-working” and well-functioning team can cope with whatever problems it faces, ” concluded the Mayor of Rakovski.