The first class of graduates of the Institute of Politics chose Saint Paisius of Hilendar (also Paisii Hilendarski) for their own name and patron. After a long and emotional discussion, the students, representatives of the main political parties, designated the personality that will symbolize their participation in the “Political Leaders” program.

Each group of graduates of the Institute will begin its training by choosing a name of their class. It will be a sign of belonging, but also part of sharing of ideas and values. The selection process will be preceded by debates in which each speaker defends their proposal with arguments and the final decision must be made by reaching a consensus – fundamental skills that politicians must possess in order to involve citizens in their ideas and decision-making.

Saint Paisius of Hilendar is the inspirer of the first class of graduates with his accomplished mission of awakening the national spirit and self-confidence, his role as an enlightener and patriot, a path he followed throughout his life. According to the contemporary concepts, the author of Slavonic-Bulgarian History is a citizen with remarkable courage, a leader, innovator, visionary. Every Bulgarian carries in their heart the ideas from Paisii Hilendarski’s “booklet”, which keeps our national spirit awake today. Today’s politicians can sow the grain of the idea “Bulgaria”, which will make young people return to their homeland with pride, dignity and dreams. Such were some of the arguments in the debates.

According to Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, co-founder of the Institute, the development of the democratic system in our country is increasingly shaping the great division between citizens and politicians, as well as citizens and institutions. Only educated leaders can overcome the alienation of society and prevent the prospect of ‘Terminal 2’ and the demographic disaster.

The Executive Director of the Institute, Kalina Krumova, wished the first class of graduated politicians to never stop learning – to build the best possible version of themselves before trying to find their opponents’ flaws. She also wished them to impose constructive and stable attitudes and behavior and to engage in dialogue instead of a loud and pointless argument.

Today in Plovdiv starts the first week of the course “Political Leaders”, which involves politicians from all over the country. There are four more week-long sessions of the group of graduates that will take place every two months.

The lecturers in the first week of the course include Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, Prof. Ekaterina Mihaylova, Prof. Mihail Konstantinov, Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov, Gen. Kalin Georgiev, Chief Assistant Prof. Georgi Prodanov, Radoslav Tochev, Hristo Mutafchiev, Ernestina Shinova, Desislava Bileva, Eng. Nikolay Valev, Chavdar Kiskinov.

The topics of the session are history of political ideas, political marketing research, constitutional law, religion and politics, public communication, electoral systems, work on operational programs, organization and functioning of political parties, culture management, national and internal security, stage behavior.