The Institute of Politics has celebrated its first birthday. Its co-founders are Prof. Antoaneta Hristova and Kalina Krumova. Their partners are BAS and the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. What have they achieved over the past 12 months? Why is it more and more important to invest in the education and training of politicians in our country? We present the opinion of the Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute of Politics Prof. Antoaneta Hristova.

The Institute of Politics was founded a year ago in response to the increasingly visible problems related to the willingness of the people in the country who have a desire to be implemented in the field of politics.

Amid declining trust and confidence in political parties, in a complex and dynamic environment of permanent restructuring of the still unsustainable political system in the country, in the absence of formulated strategic goals and difficult implementation of adequate political leadership, the goals of the Institute were clearly set and namely it is the achievement of democratic development on the basis of a high political, civic and management culture obtained through political knowledge.

Over the past period, the Institute of Politics have organised a systematic and in-depth research of the basic knowledge and skills needed by the contemporary politician and has created an environment where meeting of different people with different ideologies has been a condition for effective dialogue rather than a cause for conflict. We will be sure of our success when our graduates become examples of good political culture.

The main focus of the work of the Institute is to conduct a professional socio-psychological research. So far, the subject of the research have been problems such as the levels of alienation in society, attitudes towards the types of electoral systems, the levels of patriotic and pro-European attitudes, what the parameters of happiness for the contemporary Bulgarians are, the attitudes to freedom of speech as a value and to the European policies as well as the place of Bulgaria there.

Thanks to the Institute of Politics team and the path we have walked through together. Thanks to the Executive Director Kalina Krumova, who is like a real ‘engine’ in our work, to Irina Dobrudzalieva for the care and dedication, to all the members of the MB and founders of the Institute, to all our students, who as the first class “Paisii Hilendarski” have taken the responsibility of being an example and confronted our system of education. I also would like to thank my colleagues and the professors who are set an extremely high level – a real challenge.

I wish all of us the difficulties to develop and improve our skill, to overcome them successfully and to achieve that goal which has gathered us for the sake of a good future.


Prof. Antoaneta Hristova

Chairman of the Management Board