Within the third training module, representatives of the two largest political parties in the country have built up their knowledge and skills in the next module of the Program for training political leaders of the Institute of Politics.

The focus of this part of the course is on the group dynamics, media behaviour, international relations and emotional intelligence. The sectoral policies have also attracted the attention of students with lectures in the sphere of defence, tourism and ecology.

Assoc. Prof. Rumen Draganov gave a number of examples from his   experience of how important the basic cultural knowledge and diplomacy are to the development of international dialogue and hence of the tourist industry. The debates and emotions of the participants in the training course were further heated by the fires from the ‘shootings’ on the management axis “President-Prime Minister” and of course, the disputes concerning the Istanbul Convention. The current political environment and the Bulgarian EU Presidency have created both a productive working environment with the possibility of interpretations and new directions of actions and initiatives of the students.

The week was full of political emotions as well as with festive ones. Dr. Desislav Taskov celebrated his birthday with his colleagues from the class and the teachers. A highly regarded professional, a grounded politician and a great interlocutor, he quickly became one of the major motivating participants of the team. The management of the Institute of Politics, as well as all his colleagues tried to surprise him not only with thematic gifts but also with pleasant surprises throughout the week.