The second political leaders class of the Institute of Politics has successfully finished their training. The course participants from “Konstantin Preslavski” class will receive their certificates at an official ceremony.

The Political Leaders Program consists of 5 sessions, each with a duration of one week. The speakers talk about managing communication and political marketing, resolving crises and conflicts, negotiating, political leadership and its specificities in the various democratic systems, state political system, the activities of the European institutions, the current development of the sectoral policies. The training comprises a total number of 320 hours, including lectures, workshops, personal assignments and role-playing games.

Within the training course of the Konstantin Preslavski class, the Institute of Politics has organized and held a round table: “What kind of Europe do the Balkans want” in Belgrade. A host and a guest lecturer of the module in Serbia was Mr. Ivica Dacic, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of the country.

The second class at the Institute of Politics includes party members from the two largest political forces in our country – GERB and BSP.

Among the officials at the graduation ceremony of the course participants will be Academician Julian Revalski, Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Science; Lilyana Pavlova, Minister of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union; Krassimir Valchev, Minister of Education; Kiril Dobrev, Deputy Chairman of the National Council of BSP and lecturers.

The official ceremony on the occasion of the graduation of Konstantin Preslavski class at the Institute of Politics will be held on 9th June 2018, Saturday, 11:00 a.m., at the Grand Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.