“Simeon the Great“ class students have met with Nedyalko Slavov – the District Governor of Smolyan. He had the pleasure to welcome and congratulate them for the choice of the location of the beginning of the training course for political leaders, which has taken place in Pamporovo.

“Regional policy is the sphere that personally attracts me strongly. It’s the chance to really do something for your birthplace,” he said. “Knowledge and gaining political experience as well as contacts are priceless. Over time, you will realise how useful this kind of training and exchange of practices is. The quality of training in this course is at the highest possible level, so you only have to take an advantage of this chance. The Human Resource policy is something extremely important. Next generations need not only to get knowledge, but to gain experience as well, for a future best continuity. Politics is a team building sport. A good politician alone will not be able to achieve everything that is important for the society. I want to point out and fix your attention on that issue, as communication is happening online today, but nothing can replace the personal contacts,” added Slavov.

He also said that the most important job of the Regional Governor is to introduce the problems of the region and then be solved at the highest government level.

According to Slavov, in order to become a politician, one must be prepared for this. “Remember that first of all positions depend on the people who occupy them.”

Changes in the law of the regional development and the forthcoming new zoning of the country were discussed. The big debate on this topic is about to be conducted as widely as possible. “The big regional disparities are one of the main issues that find their solutions in these new proposals,” he said. “A lot of competent people are needed for this change to be put into practice. We have the will, we have the approach and the resources as well,” Slavov concluded.