The Fifth class of graduates has begun its training course for Political Leaders at the Institute of Politics. The beginning was given at a ceremony at the Balabanov House in the Old Town of Plovdiv. It happened just a day after the city was officially announced as an European Capital of Culture.

The aim of the program is to deliver knowledge and teach skills that will help policymakers become effective and competent leaders of change. For 5 sessions, each of which one 1 week duration, lecturers will talk about communication management and political marketing, crisis and conflict resolution, negotiations, political leadership and its specificities in various democratic systems, state planning, the work of the European Institutions, as well as the up-to-date development of sectoral policies.

The Mayor of Rakovski Pavel Gudzherov was among the official guests of the event.

“The team consolidates all key factors for being a successful leader. It is the team in capital letters who is the only one that distinguishes the successful leader from the unsuccessful one. The good “hard-working” and well-functioning team can cope with whatever problems it faces, ” said the Mayor.

The Executive Director of the Institute of Politics Kalina Krumova, in turn, welcomes the new students.

“With Prof. Antoaneta Hristova we have founded the Institute of Politics with the idea to create more trained politicians in Bulgaria that will be capable of better policy making. That is why I wish you not just invest in yourself, but to improve your knowledge, to build up skills, to compete with yourselves and to overleap your own bounds. Neither only someone else, nor the opposition. It should be you yourselves! This class started in a strategic year for the development of the country with elections to the European Parliament and the local government elections as well. It will be tough and tense, you will have to pursue results and win the elections. Do not lose your humanity during that period. Do not forget the genuine values. They are the ones without a mandate that remain no matter if you have succeeded to achieve your plans and desires or not. They are a harbour, a support and a force,” she said.

Krumova also stated that the Institute of Politics is proud of each of its lecturers. “You may hear things you do not like or do not fit your political attitude. That is why we build up the skills of our class participants to listen and to hear, to be open to different opinions and views, to be self-critical. The lecturers participate in the program namely because we are together in our mission for new politicians creating a new kind of political culture, communication and activities, “she concluded.

The program “Training of Political Leaders” consolidates the knowledge and experience of the best lecturers and practitioners in Bulgaria.