Young Balkan Leaders-the power of shared international knowledge and skills for successful management – Project №2018-1-BG01-KA205- 047713

The purpose of the project is to hold a long-term program for Young Balkan Leaders to involve active young people from the three neighboring countries – Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia.
The program aims to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for each leader and future statesman. The knowledge, skills and approaches gained in this training enhance the ability of young people to make decisions and act in situations of increasing uncertainty. Through this program we offer different areas of competence: leadership management, human resources, organizational skills,social dialogue, political leadership and different forms of government and political systems, on which the EU institutions operate, as well as recent developments in sectoral policies.

The main objective is to educate young people, representatives of Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia, active in the public and private sectors. We focus on the ability of students to understand and analyze complexity. It is an indispensable quality to move forward in a constantly changing environment. The Young Balkan Leaders Program builds the leaders of the future, develops communication and project management skills through public speaking, event planning and self-knowledge. The Institute of Politics teaches open and enlightened citizens capable of changing the world and transforming society. We form the leaders of tomorrow by providing international academic leadership experience and knowledge of young people in the Balkans. The program creates a unique multicultural community – representatives of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia live and learn in constant interaction with different cultures and perspectives. The training is structured to provide knowledge of the most prominent academics and professionals – the courses are conducted by well-known teachers and internationally recognized practitioners. This combination of academic and practical activities gives students a unique, well-formed profile that is provided by leading organizations. At the same time, the learning processes in the program develop a broad understanding of social sciences and critical thinking skills – giving young people the tools they need to understand the modern world. By providing a multidisciplinary approach and a set of optional subjects, such as the Artistic Workshop The Young Balkan Leaders Program encourages young people to adopt different perspectives and participate in group projects. All partners in the project emphasize personal responsibility, teamwork, public expression, citizenship and humanism.

By focusing on the Balkans, the program aims to create successful leadership skills in active young people from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia in times of dynamic processes in the European Union and to strengthen the institutional focus on the Western Balkans. The aim of the program is to deliver knowledge and skills that will help young people become effective and competent leaders of change. Recognizing opportunities for future development through partnership and building a new type of sustainable cross-border relationship is a horizon that participants in the program will be able to develop in reality after completing their training. The training is based on modularly organized disciplines, which are crucial for the development of successful leadership. Their combination in each of the educational sessions, led by authoritative academics and academics, eminent professionals in business and non-governmental organizations, adds not only prestige and expertise to the program but also remarkable dynamics and diverse and in-depth knowledge.

Main results for the young people who will participate in the Program „Young Balkan Leaders“:
– Increased access to support and a range of career opportunities
– Advanced problem solving skills, team work ability and planning capabilities
– Increased personal effectiveness as they learn that they can affect real social challenges
– Strengthening attitudes, skills and activities towards active citizenship
– Strengthening competences to analyze different world ideas influences development and social change
– Gaining a better understanding of the complexities and principles associated with multi-sector and multi-stakeholder cooperation
how to work in partnership
– Exploring local efforts to create, sustain and strengthen development campaigns and at local level, targeting citizens and the community, to change policies

The project coordinator is the Institute of Politics, Bulgaria
The partners are: OHRID Institute and Strumica Municipality, Macedonia;Stari Grad Municipality, Serbia and Bestsellers Association, Serbia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Project coordinator

Project partners