The Institute of Politics has the honour of a lecturer of ‘Simeon the Great’ class students to be the Western and Central European Metropolitan Anthony. The topic about the church and the state is fundamental as the beginning of another day of our training.

He talks about the foundations of Orthodoxy, how it spread and the beliefs of faith.

Metropolitan Anthony explained how the issues of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church are dealt with and what the Church is directly involved with.

He paid particular attention to the role of the family in society. “Children must be brought up and prepared for life in responsible parenthood,” Metropolitan Antony emphasised. “If the family is stable, so is the society,” he said.

In his words, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church wants to protect the most fragile citizens, namely the children, from the devastating influence of the consumer spirit nowadays.

Metropolitan Antony also talked about the contribution of the Church to preserving the traditional moral and ethical norms and highlighted that the BOC ( Bulgarian Orthodox Church) participates in common discussions and current debates on this issue.

“Our role is to point out from a religious point of view where do dangers of the degradation of our societies come from and together to avoid them or deal with them,” he said.

The Metropolitan also paid attention to the role of the religious education not only for the educational system but also for the whole society.