The Minister of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council Lilyana Pavlova from GERB Political party, has delivered a Leader’s Lecture to the Konstantin Preslavsky Class. She explained details of the preparation and organization of the entire presidency starting from the creation of the video clip and the slogan to the presidency of more than 300 working groups.

“The organization is more than difficult, and there is little that remains to be seen on the surface. Besides being a political expert you have to be prepared to accept even the daily domestic chores. We have tried to promote Bulgaria and the Bulgarians in everything – not so obtrusively but demandingly,” she explained.

In her opinion, the geopolitical environment we live in is very complicated. “Wherever we look at, we see a lot more new challenges and not just in Europe The radical position of President Donald Trump who is a different president with a new approach imposing a completely new look on the economic relations between the countries … We live in times when things happen very quickly like a lightning. Quick decisions must be made and the cliché must be broken, “added Pavlova.

According to her, the message of unity and stability definitely should not be interpreted as a provocation to violate peace and diplomacy.

Liliana Pavlova also considers that people want politicians who are close to them, make quick decisions instead of delivering long speeches and giving loud promises.

“At the end of The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Bulgaria looks different. There is a reason for a national self-confidence. We also refuted the biggest sceptics about the success of our presidency, ” said Pavlova during a lecture at the Institute of Politics.

According to her, the Western Balkans definitely remain a major foreign policy priority of Bulgaria for the development of the region. “We are glad that Austria has also recognized that priority as a focus on its Presidency.”