One of the visible characteristics of the politics in Bulgaria since the last parliamentary elections in Spring has been the sharp strengthening of the foreign policy activity of the government. The debates on the Prime Minister’s efficiency in this direction are quite vivid which gives grounds to examine how well people recognize what is happening on the diplomatic horizon as a success.

The latest research of the Institute of Politics shows that a very serious share of the surveyed people (about 92%) assess positively the foreign policy of the Borisov 3 Cabinet. Of these 92%, fully support it 44% including young people (18-45 years), as well as the self-identified between the centre and the extreme right-wing political space.

90% of the respondents find a significant positive change in the political activity of Boyko Borisov after the vote in March 2017.

54% of them are definitive in their approval of this new management course in Bulgaria. Among those surveyed people, the overwhelming majority are active Bulgarians (18-55 years) and those with higher education status. The majority of the respondents believe that the international activity contributes to the domestic stability of the country (66%).

The Research of the Institute of Politics presented in November, studied the role of Bulgaria in the dynamic processes in the Balkans. Now the attention has been expanded and focused on the attitudes of the society to the three major world powers: Russia, the United States, Turkey. It gives the impression that the national interest and that of the other countries are clearly distinguished in the dialogue between the countries.

As regards to Turkey, the majority of people surveyed (65%) encourage good inter-country relations, in case of categorical assertion of the positions of Bulgaria. It is interesting to say that 35% want to keep in good neighbourhood agreement with Turkey at all costs. These are predominantly people with low educational degree (basic and primary education) and the broad political centre.


The survey of the Institute of Politics reports a predominant expectation (about 89%) of close, friendly and constructive relations with Russia. 39% of the respondents say it is our friend and the Slav Brotherhood is indelible. 50% believe that our membership in the EU and NATO should not affect the good relations between the two countries. Most positively oriented, which is expected, are the people over 46 years of age. Only 4.7% are with extremely negative attitude towards Russia.

The attitudes of the Bulgarians towards the United States are different compared to those to Turkey and Russia. The key words here are “democracy” and “interests”. 44% of the surveyed people accept the United States as the bearer of democracy. These are basically the active population (18-55) and the people from the centre of self-determination in the political space like extremely right wing. 50% are the ones who think that, the US is also interested in Bulgaria guided by their own interests. This is what the more matured people (over 45 years of age) think about and the self-determined ones from the centre to the extreme left political wing space as well.

The aspirations and attitudes of the Bulgarians are pragmatically oriented towards supporting good relations with the world’s political forces. The foreign affairs policy profile of our country this year is successful and gives self-confidence to the Bulgarians, according to a summary analysis of the data obtained by the Institute for Politics.

You can see the entire study here.