Lawyers, psychologists, historians and sociologists aged 18-30 are the participants in the joint training of representatives from Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. The very first night of their acquaintance, the course participants said something about themselves and about their motivation to participate in the ‘Young Balkan Leaders’ programme. The lecturers are also representatives from the three neighbouring countries and the subjects are a wide palette of theoretical material, group work exercises and individual assignments to present. A key factor for the success of their participation in a programme is their discipline and proactivity during the training sessions.

In their first evening simulation, the participants had to choose a class name adding it to the official ‘Young Balkan Leaders’ programme co-funded by Erasmus +. After a meaningful and heated debate, the newly formed group reached consensus on being the MBS-Motivated Balkan Society. An additional bonus to the chosen name is that the abbreviation of MBS corresponds to the first letters of the names of the three countries participating in the training: Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

For the young Balkan leaders the hosts of the Institute of Politics have also prepared a special surprise: a colourful dance programme performed by the ensemble “Plovdiv”. They have not only amazed the guests with their skills and choreography, but also have risen up to the traditional Bulgarian horo the attendees of the event.

The project „Young Balkan Leaders-the power of shared international knowledge and skills for successful management“ is co-funded by Erasmus+. The project reference is 2018-1-BG01-KA205-047713.