The Deputy Chairperson of the National Council of BSP Kiril Dobrev held a Leader’s Lecture in front of the students from the “Konstantin Preslavski” class. He gave his personal opinion and advice about the path that each politician should follow.

“We need more often to touch down the ground. You have to have an anchor to bring you down to earth. Look at yourself and your actions as an onlooker, objectively, ” he said.

“It’s not a secret that with the years politics is considered as an escalator, like an elevator, a catapult. At a given moment a lot of people do not know where they are. But in politics all stages, floors and steps must be gone through. However, elevators sometimes go down and down, headlong, ” warned Dobrev.

The Deputy Chairperson of the National Council of BSP admitted that he personally liked one of his opponents, namely the President of the National Assembly Tsveta Karayancheva from GERB. “She has gone through all the steps of development – from the people in Kirkovo to a high international tribune. There is no a comment on dealing with tasks but a comment on an individual political path. ”

According to him, in order to be a politician with a future, first of all you must be a person with roots. “It is very important to be proud of the village you live in, the neighbourhood and your birthplace,” added Dobrev.

“History is part of us. No one can escape. Sometimes our mistakes mobilize us and give us new chances. However, it is important not to make one and the same mistake several times, ” he advised the course participants from the Institute of Politics.

Kiril Dobrev has also warned about another issue that threatens the parties. “The National Assembly will soon suffer the lack of trained members. See what happens with the little political formations. They constantly appear and disappear. Whether a party is strong or weak and how long it will survive are the moments in opposition as well as what people will communicate and what it will go through. There remain only the faithful ones. ”

One of Kiril Dobrev’s main pieces of advice was the warning that politics is not made only under the spotlights. “Yes, they are a temptation, but not a guarantee for success. But the spotlights are like the solariums – you have to dose them, otherwise you burn without any feeling. ”

According to him, the personal topics are not part of the politics. They do not win voters. Such voters are gained with ideas and actions. “All we lose by every single political conflict and the worst thing is that public confidence is lost as well. And the proof is the same with the main institutions in Bulgaria,” said Dobrev.

“The fact is, that who win are not the smart people, but the attractive ones. The role of the new politicians, is to change that fact. You have to impose new kind behaviour and standards. They should be high and meaningful. That’s why BSP is counting on such training, ” Dobrev concluded.

In his opinion there always has been a preparation of party cadres and this will continue. “BSP has never ceased its internal training. Here, however, it is good to train together, not encapsulated,” he explained.

We are reminding that at the moment the Institute of Politics is currently training staff from the two largest parties in our country – GERB and BSP.