The Institute of Politics has the pleasure to invite you to attend the presentation of the results of the ‘Election After Election’ survey on April 27, 2017 (Thursday) at 11.00 am in Radisson Blue Grand Hotel Sofia (at the National Assembly 4).

The survey includes nearly 50 questions that which track the attitudes on key themes in the public debates such as:

  • attitude towards the different electoral systems,
  • respect to constitutional changes in the relations between the authorities,
  • respect to the referendums as the most democratic form of making important decisions,
  • attitude towards the consolidation or fragmentation of political parties,
  • attitude to the management models in the coordinate system where stability is one axis and the other one is endless elections,
  • an assessment of freedom of expression and the language of hatred,
  • self-feeling in the Bulgarian-European coordinate system, patriotism – nationalism.
  • self-assessment in the scales of satisfaction – anxiety, optimism – pessimism, alienation.Its aim is to provide a more solid picture of public attitudes, to seek a more thorougher reading beyond the yes and no answers, to measure the knowledge and understanding of people about the social and political processes in the country.
  • The research will be presented by Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute of Politics, Kalina Kroumova, Executive Director of the Institute, Prof. Yolanta Zografova and Chief Assitant Ilina Nacheva from the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
  • The National Representative Survey was funded by the Institute of Politics and implemented jointly with the Institute for Population and Human Studies. The surveys were conducted between 10th and 24th April 2017 among 1200 Bulgarian citizens aged from18 to 65.