Active, ambitious, thirsty for new knowledge – these are the new participants in the “Political Leadership Training”. The start of the program was given in Tryavna, which was chosen by the management of the Institute of Politics as a cradle of the Bulgarian history, traditions and culture. On this occasion in the home town of Pencho Slaveikov and Angel Kanchev active politicians from the two largest political parties in Bulgaria, the ruling party GERB and the opposition BSP were gathered together.

“We always choose very carefully the places from where we begin our training. I am sure that the strong spirit and values of Tryavna will help us all to fuel the need for a new, positive, knowledge-based and constructive leadership. History teaches us, but we are the ones who write it for the next coming generations . That is why we have to do it competently and confidently, ” Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, Chair of the Management Board of the Institute of Politics welcomes the new participants in the program. She reminded the attendees that it is not only a coincidence that among the speakers are the best native academics and university lecturers, as well as also those on a global and European level, such as Professor Sam Potolicchio, one of the most highly trained professors in the United States and Russia.

The first event of the third class of the Institute of Politics was hosted by Mr. Docho Zahariev, Mayor of Tryavna Municipality. He welcomed his guests very excitedly and shared their confidence that among them were future presidents, prime ministers, ministers. “Here, in this room, people experience some of the happiest moments in their lives i.e. their marriage. I wish you the same way, like longevity and bright future, with the support of the people around you, to create good things for Bulgaria, ” Zahariev added. He had also prepared a special, patriotic and emotional surprise for all of the present participants one very exciting and thematic performance of a group of children from the local Kindergarten “Light”. The youngsters touched the audience both with their program in rhymes and their choreography with the national flag, which was also seen in their garments.

“It’s worth every single effort and every single sacrifice for them. The history and the atmosphere here speak more than all the other words that motivate. Follow the example of the great Bulgarians born here, do not forget their deeds and their way and do not stop at anything “, enthusiastically welcomed his new colleagues at the Institute of Politics Dr. Desislav Taskov, a representative of the Bulgarian Socialist Party in the Konstantin Preslavski class at the Institute of politics. Another of his colleagues, Hristo Kotov, a member of the NGE of MGERB, added that youth, energy and enthusiasm meet the high level of knowledge and professionalism of each of the lecterers in the program and is proud to be part of it. “Do not be prejudiced, but open your mind to the disciplines, lecturers and each of the tasks and exercises,” Kotov advised.

At the end of the ceremony, Kalina Krumova, Executive Director of the Institute of Politics, did not hide that the prestige of their training was as much a cause for pride as well as a high responsibility that management and team defend at any time. “It is not a coincidence that our guest lecturer was Zoran Zaev, Prime Minister of Macedonia. Our common mission is not just to reach peaks but to create new dimensions. It is he who has shared with us that even being a prime minister, you must always recognize your strengths and weaknesses, seek expertise and a high level of knowledge. It is a symbol of strength and healthy self-esteem to have a similar political behaviour, so I wish it wholeheartedly to you, ” she concluded.

In the first week of their training, new representatives of the executive and local authorities, organizational managers and party leaders will have the opportunity to work intensively on political psychology, group dynamics and non-verbal behaviour. Additional focus are the lectures of Prof. Mihail Konstantinov, the lectures on political ideas and the profound work on political rhetoric.