The Institute of Politics has celebrated its first birthday. Its co-founders are Prof. Antoaneta Hristova and Kalina Krumova. Their partners are BAS and the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. What have they achieved over the past 12 months? Why is it more and more important to invest in the education and training of politicians in our country? We present the opinion of the Executive Director of the Institute of Politics Kalina Krumova.

A year ago, we founded the Institute of Politics as the embodiment of a dream, trust, bold ambition, faith, strength and knowledge. A bold request for radical educational change and the creation of new social and party realities in the extremely volatile and capricious political reality in Bulgaria.

On the way to our high goals, we relied on our most trusted friends and colleagues, created a lot of new contacts and partnerships, we increased the size of our projects rapidly. The trust in us, from the major political leaders, has given us a recognition and confidence but has also has strengthened to the maximum extent our responsibility for the height of the bar in the knowledge and skills of the politicians we are about to work with.

To adapt the program and its training courses to the current situation in the country as well as in order to be an objective public barometer, we started and conduct regular socio-psychological national representative surveys on the topics sensitive to society.

We are proud to be partners with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Besides the obligation of quality and transparency, this collaboration is also a proof of the purity of our data and the undisputed expertise of our lecturers. Together with the representatives of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in the team of lecturers at the Institute of Politics, we join together on the field of political knowledge proven by their professional expertise personalities from the whole range of sciences necessary for successful and sustainable political leadership.

The most exciting moments, of course, are our acquaintances and common experiences with every new student and forming our classes. The first, of course, will remain memorable not just as a starting point. With Paisii Hilendarski class we make our first steps.

Together, we learn to balance, to lose, to kneel, not to give up, to admit that there is always more to learn about each other. Each year, two classes will have the opportunity to pass training courses. Each one with its diversity in its own way and being similar at he same time i.e. at one meeting. The Meeting of the common desire to improve, upgrade, look at yourself and make an objective outlook with knowledge, confidence and empathy.

The steps we are going with making this new and steep path are not always painless. There is not always an effective painkiller on such high goals, so different tempers and individualities and abundance of stressful situations. However, our fuel, medicine and name plate have the same name. It is trust. The idea that the person you are going with is reliable and you would be able to safely lean on at the first at the first staggering..Whoever takes care of you not to fly-up and down. Sometimes abruptly, but always honestly without fear. Just as we share our dreams.

I thank with all my heart to Prof. Antoinette Hristova for helping me with all her heart together to give the name to the ‘Institute of Politics’. I am grateful for the opportunity to add new colours, shapes, emotions and dimensions to such a strong and valuable structure.

I am happy that this time we are collaborating with people who are not just excellent professionals but also open, imaginative and reliable friends. It is our small and united team and the Management Board of the Institute of Politics.

We’re only a year old …


Kalina Krumova

Ex. Director of the Policy Institute