Bulgaria has made a significant progress in the fight against corruption. This is what the Deputy Chief Prosecutor Borislav Sarafov declared. He delivered a lecture to the students of the ‘Paisii Hilendarski’ class on ‘Fighting Corruption – Solutions and Results’.

“It is not always that the results can be heard and seen by the general public, but that does not mean they are missing. To prove a corruption act is extremely difficult. Remember that in such an act both sides have their conscious participation in the process and benefit from it, “Sarafov explains. He also revealed what the most popular circumvention of public procurement law is, namely it is “the fragmentation of large ones into a few smaller ones for the benefit or facilitation.”

He commented on the EC monitoring report. In his words, the worst is that these reports are being used on the domestic political scene. According to Sarafov, Bulgaria will not work worse if there is no such a report.

A lecture was delivered by Commissioner Yavor Kolev, Head of the Cross-border Organized Crime Department of the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime. He introduced the students to the current cybercrime issues.

“The corporate electronic irresponsibility is astonishing. Large companies invest a lot of money in investments of all kinds and do not provide protection for their electronic information where the data about their financial flows pass from, “Kolev said.