“Successful politicians today do not ask people what they need. They know it and work on it. They gain respect and reliability and are aware that they are part of a game of constantly changing rules”.

Aura Salah’s lecture from the European Political Strategy Center launched the second semester of the training of young political leaders at the Institute of Politics program. She is a member of the cabinet and communications adviser of the European Commission Vice-President Jury Katerinen and is a guest lecturer with the assistance of the EC Representation in Bulgaria.

“I know what you want” is the main message of every politician, said Aura Sala and noted that in today’s dynamic environment in Europe and globally, a new kind of leadership and political management are needed.

She listed four basic rules for positioning the politicians in the public sphere: the main message; where they are and how they can be covered by different groups in society; what are the appropriate communication tools; what is the nature and what are the limits of the audience. Even filming the politicians in the media and social networks must imply their responsibility and credibility, the expert added.

The European belonging should not be identified solely with financial resources, but mainly with knowledge, Ms Sala focused on.

The second semester will continue until July 9 in Sofia. The program includes lectures on constitutional law, economics and finance, religion, security, anti-terrorism, political discourse and psychology.

Among the lecturers are Prof. Ekaterina Mihailova, Nikolay Vassilev, Gen. Kalin Georgiev, Antony Galabov, Metropolitan Antony, Prof. Antoaneta Hristova.